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What is there to know about us?

The “Royal Secret Salon” stands out compared to conventional hairdressing salons with its unique, individually tailored type advice. In this case, type advice means taking intensive time for the customer and allowing the atmosphere of the salon to develop according to the motto “the customer is king”. This is intended to achieve the optimum level of elegance for the customer. The “Royal Secret” salon will therefore focus on the individual needs of its customers and achieve the best possible transformation for the customer through creative hair colors and cuts.

For the framework conditions for the concept to be included, it is essential to design the atmosphere of the salon accordingly. This means that customers should be pampered as if they were on a short vacation in a wellness hotel. Customers receive magazines, drinks, relaxing music, and the appropriate furniture, which is intended to lead customers to serenity. The “Royal Secret” salon offers a break from stressful everyday life and the satisfaction of customers is ensured through the intensive examination of the individuality of each individual.


The service package includes consultation, shampooing, head massage, cutting, and/or coloring without extremely demanding styling, recommended for customers who do not want to spend a lot of time at the hairdresser. Example of this package: hair cutting and coloring with dry blow-drying or independent blow-drying (depending on customer requirements).


The service package includes consultation, shampooing including a head massage, cutting and/or coloring, and at the end a time-consuming, complex styling, recommended for customers who can receive detailed advice and be pampered without time pressure and are used to regular visits to the hairdresser, e.g. hair cutting or hair coloring Blow dry or complex styling (curly or straight) depending on the customer's choice.
Example of this package: Cut and color your hair followed by a blow-dry by the hairdresser and including styling (curly or straight).


The service package includes diamond consultation, shampooing including head massage, cutting or/with color. At the end of the treatment, elaborate styling is carried out.
We recommend this package to those customers who are not yet sure about what suits them best. We will provide you with type/style advice to help you find the right hair color and haircut for you.
At the end of the consultation and at the beginning of the treatment, a soothing and relaxing head massage is given.
Finally, a blow-dry hairstyle or elaborate styling (curly or straight) is carried out, depending on the customer's wishes.
This package differs from the previous ones because it focuses on a holistic approach. Customers are initially given intensive advice on their personal style/expression. A head massage is then offered as well as an inclusive cosmetic consultation.
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