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Hair treatment or hair conditioner, what do I recommend, and when?

Today I will show you how I recommend my customers to care for their hair in the salon when to use a hair treatment and when to use a hair conditioner - and if you read to the end, there will be a surprise.

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I will tell you when the products have an intensive effect when you combine them.

I know there are many providers and different names. What is a hair treatment? Why is it called Masque? I don't use hair conditioner, but I do use conditioner!

I hear that all the time in the salon!

But now is the time to make everything clear.

Is there a right way and a right product?

Since there are so many providers and everyone can name their child whatever they want, there are many names and it is important where the products come from. For example, the products that come from Australia are all called XY Conditioners. And the products from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland are called XY hair conditioners.

So hair treatment is no different than masque or pack, and hair conditioner is conditioner.

  • Hair treatments are usually creamy emulsions. They are recommended as care for hair with severe structural damage. Since they have an acidic reaction, they are also suitable for neutralizing and astringent after coloring and bleaching. We strongly recommend a hair treatment or Fusio dose (intensive care from Kerastase) after chemical treatment. They are applied directly from the tube or with a flat brush to freshly washed and towel-dried hair, first work on the lengths and ends and, as necessary, on the roots and then comb through once, leave to act for 15 to 30 minutes or, ideally, overnight, Rinse thoroughly at the end. Please do this process once a week to create a good, intensive effect. And now a tip from me: Heat intensifies the effect and shortens the exposure time. This means it is ideal if you are in the sauna or wearing a turban and love to be on holiday and under the sun. This can all help and make the care more effective.

  • Hair conditioners are usually liquid emulsions whose care effect is primarily limited to the hair. They can also be used after chemical treatments, but usually not with enough intensity, but also after washing your hair. They offer the best help when the hair is not combed through. Since they are also acidic, they also have a neutralizing and astringent effect, thereby improving the combability and shine of the hair. They are rinsed out again after a short exposure time. I recommend my customers in the salon to use a hair conditioner after every hair wash, I also call it care for the lazy because then it doesn't have such a long exposure time and it works quite quickly.

Thank you for your time, I hope it is now clear when you should take a hair treatment and when you should use a hair conditioner.

Another good tip from me: hair treatment once a week, as I explained to you, and after rinsing I recommend using a hair conditioner for a minute - because the intensive acid that the hair conditioner contains, the cuticle layer ( the first layer of the hair) is closed and the hair treatment is stored better in the hair.

I didn't want it to be so long, but it was important for me to summarize all the information for you so that your hair is cared for properly and professionally. If you know someone who is looking for an article like this, share it, and if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to write in the comments.

Thank you


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