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Whether light or darker hair?

Almost every woman has now refined the color of her hair: with natural tints, more intense hair colors, great strands, and vibrant color effects.

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No matter how you have colored your hair, all colors give your hairstyle effect and character.

At the same time, they make your hair shine vibrantly with power and shine and, depending on your wishes, make your face softer or more striking, fresher, and younger.

Be honest: How many times have you asked, “Should I dye my hair platinum blonde or golden blonde?” Or “Is burgundy red better for me than copper red?”

When answering these and similar questions, it is an advantage if you know your color type (cool harmony or warm harmony). Because the colors that are harmonious with your skin tone create a beautiful “color flow”.

In addition to your color type, what is also important is your personality, your age, your style, and your face shape - and of course: your desired effect!

We (Royal Secret Salon Team) advise our customers in the salon according to their color type. Customer needs are of course very important to us because, in the end, they should feel comfortable. We do this with the so-called bi-color.

Insider tip »Bi-Color«:

The combination of cool and warm colors looks fantastic if the dominance of the face is chosen in harmony with the skin undertone, e.g. B. copper-colored strands in dark brown hair appear soft and harmonious.

Light or dark & summer or winter

If you like color, then more color will come into your life!

Especially before changing your hair color, you have to ask yourself the question: “How do I want to appear?” Because your image changes significantly depending on whether you choose light or dark tones.

I say lighter in summer and darker in winter. But that's not the decision, because the most important thing is "How do you want to appear?"

What causes lighter hair or a lighter hair color?

Your face looks brighter, softer, fresher, and younger.

The lighter hair color reflects brightness onto the face. This makes unevenness, blemishes, lines, and wrinkles in the facial skin less visible.

Light hair is a youth maker and is always recommended for those over 40 plus, with one exception:

Round, oval, soft faces then appear even rounder.

Lighter colors also mean that upbeat cuts lose their distinctiveness!

And: Lighter colors appear transparent, make the hair appear thinner and contours recede too far.

And now comes the nice question: what about gray hair?

Gray hair looks at its best when it is refined with highlights and glossy tones from slate gray to platinum gray.

Tip: Blonde tones combined with a chocolate brown look more elegant than blonde tones interspersed with red streaks!

And: Plays of color in different shades of pastel blonde look lively and individual!

What causes darker hair or a darker hair color?

Dark colors make you stand out and add pizzazz to hairstyles. Your face looks more angular, angular, stricter, more boyish. The facial contours are more visible - ideal for round, oval, soft face shapes, which therefore appear more expressive. Especially with puristic, masculine Garçon types, the dark color is particularly attractive and underlines this type.

Important to know: Dark hair colors increase lines and wrinkles on the face and make you look older.

The following applies to all dark-haired people with narrow and angular facial shapes: from 40 plus, always color your hair lighter than your natural tone!

And: All red tones enhance the reddish and rosy color of your facial skin. If your complexion is rosy, avoid all red tones from red-violet to copper and gold.

Is it still not clear to you? Here are a few more ideas from me on how I implement this in the salon.

- Black and dark brown hair that is gradually colored to medium brown, chestnut brown, or coffee brown looks great!

-A melange of harmoniously graduated, warm blonde tones in brunette hair looks fantastic and is very effective.

-The platinum blonde and Nordic blonde hair colors are the favorite for blue and blue-gray eyes.

Now watch out! Avoid dark red or purple - they make the face older and harder!

I hope I was able to help you choose the right hair color.

If you are not yet sure what suits you best, please contact us at the Royal Secret Salon. We are the type of consultant salon and specialize in type advice.

Are there other unanswered questions about hair and beauty?

Then please write in the comments and we will work on it to help you.

You are welcome to share the blog so that your friends can also get informed and choose what suits them best.



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