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The suitable hairstyle tailored for you

Finding the right hairdresser is one of the most important questions for many women. For this reason, I decided to open a type consultant salon at Marienplatz (Munich).

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich:
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A series of tips have been put together to help us design a haircut that suits your type.

Many women would prefer to cut their hair themselves if they can analyze the effect of a hairstyle so that they save time, but we are the experts and can advise you. A haircut that suits your type depends on many factors and the first and most important thing is time!!!?

You should think about how much time you want to invest in your hairstyle every day. Are you able to style your hair yourself or would you rather have a hassle-free “wash-dry-finished” hairstyle? That's where we start, but that's not all!

The hair length that suits your type?

The question of hair length is also crucial. We have found that long hair usually only looks really attractive on young women. As you get older, however, we recommend a well-groomed short hairstyle. Women usually look younger as a result.

Neck length is also something to consider, although we won't discuss it directly with you.

We look at the neck length during the consultation. If you have a rather short neck, we recommend a short haircut because it makes the distance between your shoulder and head appear larger. On the other hand, a neck that is too long can be cleverly covered up with longer hair on the back of the neck.

Does the haircut suit your face shape?

 The shape of your face is also crucial for the optimal cut.

If you have a square face, longer hair with a side parting is advantageous. On the other hand, you should avoid middle partings and hairstyles with straight bangs.

Softly falling curls or fringed hairstyles that gently surround the face are better.

If you have a round face, all voluminous hairstyles are affordable. The side areas of the face should be styled and the bangs should be cut short. In addition, asymmetrical hairstyles interrupt the face and narrow it. It is best if one ear is completely free or at least partially free. This takes the curve out of the face and “opens” it up.

A long face, on the other hand, usually appears narrow and often has a high forehead or a long chin and flat cheeks. That's why we recommend a hairstyle in which as much hair as possible falls over the forehead and thereby balances the proportions. A typical pageboy hairstyle or chin-length hair can also be favorable for this face type. A middle parting would elongate this face even more, but hairstyles that are styled voluminously at the sides often appear more typical. A hairstyle that emphasizes the back of the head can also be an asset here.

Things look completely different with a triangular face, which is usually small and has an angular chin. Very short hair could look rather unfavorable here because the face would then appear too hard.

Slightly flattering cuts with large volumes in the lower facial area are particularly favorable. They form a good counterbalance to the pointed chin.

Hairstyles that are slightly longer than the chin and styled outwards are also ideal. Avoid any center-parted cuts that emphasize the chin.

Nose length The length of the nose also plays an important role in the haircut.

If you have a stately model, you should choose a loose, layered cut. The hair mustn't be combed back, but rather gently surrounds the face and thus distracts from the nose.

A similar rule applies to a nose that appears somewhat uneven: Here the customer should avoid uniform cuts and instead choose an asymmetrical hairstyle that visually puts her nose in the right light.

In general, we recommend a hairstyle that emphasizes the back of the head.

Finally, another tip: If you style hair on your face, you will accentuate drooping eyelids, protruding eyes, or a double chin: In these cases, it is better to choose a cut in which the hair is styled away from the face. So if you've read this far, that means you're interested in optimizing your hairstyle, now is the best time to make an appointment for a consultation and we'll be happy to advise you. Looking forward to recommendations and thanks in advance, see you soon



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